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Tags & Cassetted Retainers - White

For Motorised or Heavy Duty Hand Held Applicators Tags & Cassetted Retainers - White

Attach-a-Tags are available in packs of 50 or 30 tags, including etched tags and cassetted retainers. Tags are 9 x 13mm Oval

The etched Attach-a-Tags are reusable, but new retainers are required when re-applying to ensure Attach-a-Tag remains securely on the garment. Go to Spare Retainers to order.

You need either a motorised applicator or a heavy duty hand helf applicator to apply your these tags.

Attach-a-Tags are not recommended for undergarments and hosiery. Mesh Laundry bags are available for this purpose.

Order the required number of tag packs and on the following page enter the name you want to be etched onto them. (one name per pack)

Etching is permanent and will not degrade during the laundry process.

Remember to order your spare retainers!

Please Note: there can be slight variations in the shade of the text which is a result of the laser etching process.