A Parent's guide to the True cost of School Uniform

13th August 2018 - Attach A Tag

According to a research report carried out by the Department for Education in 2015 the school uniform market is estimated to be worth around £450 Million per year, and its no surprise with the average total expenditure on school uniform at £212.88 per child, per year. This can vary between primary and secondary schools as well as the sex of the child and where the uniform is purchased also making a difference.

You could be out of luck if you have a household of girls as Parents could be spending out more on girls clothing as opposed to boys clothing, with skirts costing a few extra pounds than shorts and girls pinafores costing even more. As well as 84% of schools with a uniform insisting that items are bought from designated retailers or from the schools themselves, pushing costs up even higher.

According to research carried out by NimbleFins, Parents can expect to pay anything between £16 and £62 for a pair of leather school shoes, but the average cost of a pair of shoes is around £30. A basic PE kit consisting of a bag containing shorts, t-shirt and plimsoles can set a parent back by £40.58 per year, per child which can prove costly as this is one of the most commonly lost items of property among school children.

Based on information published in the Daily Mail, children lose an average of 7 items per month which is an average of 1000 items during their school years. Along with PE kits at 47% of the most commonly lost items, jumpers come in at the top with 71% and trainers and socks named as two other commonly lost items of property.

If your child lost their jumper, PE kit, trainers and socks in the space of one year, it could cost you as a parent £130.44 on top of the average spend! The majority of the items will probably make their way to lost property, or be picked up in error by classmates or left on the field at playtime, but if they aren’t labelled then the chances of your child getting back their item is pretty slim.

Attach A Tag can save you money every year on school uniform. Unlike sew in labels which are time consuming, iron on labels which can fall off and writing your child’s name in their clothing - which is prone to fading, our tags offer a permanent, easy to use solution for labelling their belongings.

Our tags apply in seconds using our applicator, and cannot be removed without our remover tool, they are discreet, comfortable and most importantly - durable.

We use laser engraving to mark your tags with up to 3 lines of text - this could potentially include your child’s name, school and class. Laser engraving is permanent, it will not fade and our tags can withstand all washing and drying processes ensuring the tags stay on. And due to their durability you can reuse the tags when you want to and apply them to new items of clothing.

Save yourself some money today by labelling your child’s clothing with Attach A Tag - Clothes Labelling Made Easy.

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