Mother’s Day: Hacks for Dads and Kids on this Special Day

29th March 2019 - Attach A Tag

Mother’s Day is on Sunday 31st March and many families will no doubt be planning something special to show their appreciation. 

It’s a great opportunity to let mum put her feet up and be pampered and gives dad and the kids the chance to really show their appreciation for what mum does for them!

Here’s a list of simple things you can do which will go a long way with mum. 

1. Let Mum Lie In

This is one for dad to organise. No kids running in and jumping on the bed, waking mum up early in the morning. She certainly deserves a good lie in. Play a game with the kids, do a puzzle, watch some TV or anything else that’s reasonably quiet. Alternatively you could  prepare a nice breakfast – Which brings us to our next point…

2. Breakfast in Bed

Yes, you should be making breakfast in bed. It’s a  great activity to get the kids involved in and they will love taking it in to her. 

Make something special because this is a special day after all. Maybe mum will love a continental breakfast with croissants and juice, maybe some pancakes,  or perhaps she wants something decadent to start the day like eggs benedict. 

Arrange everything on a tray with the kids gifts and surprises and voila.

Try these recipes from Delish for some breakfast inspiration .

3. Homemade Gifts and Cards

One thing that goes down really well on Mother’s Day is a personalised gift or two. It provides the opportunity for the kids to make cards and trinkets that mum will really love whilst exploring their creative side.

The good news is there are plenty of ideas online – everything from quirky cards to more complicated gifts. 

Take a look at these ideas from Easy Peasy and Fun. 

4. Plan a Picnic

If the weather’s going to be nice, why not plan a day out and a picnic? It’s a great way to get the kids making up all sorts of treats as well of some of mum’s favourite snacks. If it’s raining, you can always set up your picnic at home and watch a good movie. 

5. Head Out to the Country

Many will be heading to the hills for some fresh air and exercise this Mother’s Day. A walk in the country is cheap and it’s good for everyone. If mum’s not into trekking, a museum or shopping trip might be more fun. Choose a place or activity that means something for mum and show that she’s really appreciated. 

6. Organise a Treasure Hunt

Another fun thing to do is organise a treasure hunt with a Mother’s Day theme. How about printing off different photos of mum and hiding them in the garden or around the house? You can make it more interesting with different clues and challenges. Check out these ideas from Thrill of the Hunt.  

7. Start Up the Karaoke 

There’s nothing more fun to finish off the day than a good old-fashioned singalong. The good news is that you don’t have to invest in a whole bunch of expensive kit. Head onto YouTube and you’ll find a whole host of karaoke options with the words and music you need. Maybe you’ll want to theme it with mum’s own all-time favourite tunes. 

Most of the rest of the year she’s selflessly devoting her time and effort to bringing up the kids and making sure they are safe. With a little planning by dad and the kids, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show what mum means to everyone.

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