Top 10: Low cost activities to do with your kids

27th July 2018 - Attach A Tag

It's that time of year where family memories are made and planning activities are in full swing...
Yes, it's the summer holidays!

There is no wonder parents panic about things to do. So, here at Attach A Tag we have come up with a list of low-cost activities to keep the boredom at bay.

Our ideas will get the kids imaginative in the kitchen & keep them active with games.

Don't panic, if it's raining or you just fancy something for indoors, we have the top 5 activities for you too

1. SAFARI: Go on a mini safari adventure and see how many different types of bugs, birds and animals you can find. Take a pen and paper with you and encourage your young ones to record each one with drawings. When you get home, encourage them to find what they have seen in an encyclopedia to learn more.

2. PET ROCKS: There has been a surge of rock painting recently. Transforming rocks into bugs, ladybirds and bees is always a winner, but DON’T STOP THERE! – take those creations on a walk and leave them semi-exposed for other walkers to discover and enjoy along their route. 

3.TIE-DYE: Make tie-dye t-shirts and host your own fashion show. Never done this before? Take a look at Tania’s blog – linked at the base of this post. 

4. VISIT A FARM: Farms are usually low-cost entry or sometimes even FREE, take a picnic and enjoy the sunshine. Teach your kids about animals, farming and the country by creating a farm checklist (or use ours!) for them to check off everything they see and find throughout the day.


5. BOOK CLUB: Make regular trips to the library or start your own book club. Most local libraries are running the ‘Mischeif makers 6 book challenge’ get your kiddies involved with exciting games and competitions along the way. 

6. HOMEMADE TREATS: Homemade lollies pack with fresh fruit and frozen chocolate dipped banana lollies are some easy and healthy favourites. Plus, mum can make some G+T lollies at the same time! Here's a video showing you PERFECT G+T ICED LOLLY.

7. PIZZA CREATIONS: Building your own pizza is a chance for the kids to create their own culinary masterpiece. Ready-made pizza bases, sauce and grated cheese take the hassle out for the parents, then let the kids unleash their creativity by making faces and pictures with a selection of healthy veggie toppings, like peppers, tomatoes, mushroom, sweetcorn and maybe some olives.

8. NATURE BINGO: Bingo with a twist, make some bingo cards with objects that can be found outdoors, features rocks pine cones etc. Take this game to the park where there will be more objects to find. 

9. KIDS GARDENING: Get kids out enjoying the garden rather than being entertained by technology. If you can, section off a part of the garden which they can do as they please - mud kitchen, make a den, fairy garden or even buy some packs of seeds and they can create their own little garden, herbs, tomatoes and strawberries are super easy and quick to grow. 

10. FREE PARKRUN: Aged for children between 4 and 14, Junior Parkrun is a weekly timed 2k run, held all over the UK which takes place on Sunday morning. Great for keeping the kids active over the holiday.

We're sure this will keep the whole family happy and entertained when you're struggling for ideas this summer.  Most of our activities will leave you with lasting memories and keepsakes for years to come. 
We hope the weather stays nice but read our top 5 activities for rainy days and never have a dull moment. 

Wishing you all a lovely summer holidays from Attach A Tag.

TANIAS Tie-Dye How To:  
If you have a baby, get them involved: 

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