Top 5: PTA Fundraising Ideas

25th July 2018 - Attach A Tag

We all know there is a big squeeze on school budgets...

There have been cuts of £2.8 billion since 2015 and PTAs are constantly put under pressure to fill the void. Fundraising is being relied upon now more than ever. 

In a bid to help PTA's we have discovered the top 5 FUNDRAISING IDEAS used by PTAs across the UK to generate that much-needed cash. 

1. Sponsored Walks: These are a brilliant way to get families active and raise money along the way. Phoenix Integrated Primary School, a relatively new school in Northern Ireland with a pupil size of 180, raised an amazing £1150 during their latest sponsored walk. 

2. Recipe Book: Create a school recipe book, with a company like the cookbook initiative, where parents can donate their favourite recipes and share with the rest of the school. Dinner time can be daunting why not take inspiration from each other? Schools can order the printed books containing all the recipes donating the profit made to the PTA.

3. Throw a film night: Put the school grounds to use after hours and have a premier film viewing. By using the hall and a projection screen cost can be kept to a minimum. Or if you have the capabilities why not put on an open-air viewing. Charge an entry fee and offer bags of popcorn or even run with a cake sale. Find out how you can more information here. For some, it might also be worth looking at setting a funded film club.

4. Talent Show: Every child has a talent, showcase your children at your school’s talent evening. Get parents and teachers involved too, kids love watching the headteacher singing their heart out to a Disney classic. Get your step by step guide on hosting your own talent.

5. Affiliate Schemes: Another brilliant way to raise money is to become an affiliate for a company and earn a percentage back to your PTA. We run a scheme just like this enabling your PTA to raise 10% from every order placed. Contact us today to find out more.

Learn more about school funding cuts 500 and other topics on our blog.   

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