Top 5: Rainy day activities to do with your kids

31st July 2018 - Attach A Tag

It’s raining, It’s pouring, the kids complain it’s boring!! 

Sound familiar? 

After the recent downpours we get reminded that rainy days are not an impossibility for us Brits, and as such, more ‘indoorsy’ activities need to be thought up at a moments notice.


Here’s a short list of the top 5 ways to keep their minds and bodies active indoors. 

SCRAPBOOKING: As you go through the holiday, collect tickets and mementoes of all the activities they do and when you get a rainy day they can start to compile them into one big scrapbook.

Combined this drawings and notes about what they've been up to. Decorate the book to their heart's content with stickers, embellishments and lots more - get everything you need and more from Hobbycraft.


OBSTACLE COURSE: Get the kids to burn off some of that pent-up energy and build an indoor obstacle course. Use furniture and household items to create tunnels, tightropes and mazes, use cushions, boxes and string which they have to go under over and through. There are plenty of ideas online for easy indoor obstacles courses. 

SCAVENGER HUNT: Make or find a list of items the kids can find around the home. If you need to plant some items then do so but try to make the items interesting and obscure. Set a time limit for the hunt and whoever gets the most items by the end of the time wins a prize. 

You Will Need:

Scavenger hunt lists - create your own or download one from the web
Pens or pencils
Bags or boxes to collect items in

STORY WRITING: Keep your young one's minds active by getting them to write and illustrate their own story. Your kids will take pride in reading their own story aloud once they've finished it. If they would benefit from a little prompt, there are some handy printable templates online.

OPEN A RESTAURANT...: In your own home! Whether it's make-believe or real is up to you. Let your kids decide what's on the menu and have them design a copy for the table. Get them to set the table and take orders. Naturally, this might lead to them getting involved in the kitchen! If they do, remember to take pictures ready for that next rainy day scrapbook making!

Who knows, perhaps they'll even do the washing up!

Rainy days spent indoors don’t have to be boring.

If you're looking for something a little more outdoorsy then these ideas will help bring the shine back into the summer holidays.

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