Launching the Attach A Tag Affiliate Scheme

02nd May 2018 - Attach A Tag

We are extremely excited to launch our long awaited and sought after Affiliate Scheme! We want to reward individuals and organisations who actively pass details of the Attach A Tag system to others.

This Scheme is Perfect for:

Bloggers, PTA’s, Uniform Shops, Parents, Retailers, Clubs, associated industries and more…




• The ORGANISATION will receive 10% of the NET order value from any customer who uses their unique code.

YOU will receive a media pack including stickers and posters to advertise the scheme & code.

YOU can advertise as an Official Attach A Tag Affiliate*.

• Affiliates will have any purchases using the money raised published on our social media and news pages for recognition. 

How it works

1. You can join the affiliate scheme at any time by contacting us via e-mail: or by phone 0333 220 6644 requesting an Affiliate Account

2. We will ask you to provide details including the number of customers or club members you forecast to reach each month and year, along with bank details and a delivery address.

3. We will send you an Affiliate Stater Pack which includes a number of useful support posters, stickers, demo kit and more.

4. You, the organisation, promote the unique code & provide support to prospective customers.

5. We pay you for providing a great service.



The Affiliate Program is run at the discretion of Attach A Tag. We reserve the right to make changes and revoke access to the benefits laid out in our T&C’s at any time. This is not limited to funds on the Affiliate’s Account.  

*The Affiliate program is subject to change. Full details and terms of use can be found on our website

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