Care & Residential Homes

Lost and mislaid garments are the second highest reason for complaints in the care home industry today. Clothing is key to our personal identity and when a favourite shirt or blouse goes missing, or even worse is worn by someone else in the care home it can be very upsetting for all concerned.

The traditional methods of sewing in, or ironing on labels do not always prove robust enough when clothing needs daily washing. These methods can come off during the laundry process and may need to be re-done on a regular basis, which is very time consuming. Unsightly marker pen not only ruins the garment but washes off very quickly.

Attach A Tag is used in many of the largest care home groups in the UK and has proved successful at reducing lost laundry whether the home or the resident is responsible for labeling. The simple, quick and secure attachment device means that the tag will stay on the garment until it needs to be removed. The ergonomically designed shape, coupled with its discrete size means that it is barely discernible by the wearer.

A tag positioning guide is included with the Attach A Tag kits and the tags should be positioned in accordance with the recommendations. We do not recommend using Attach-a-Tag for underwear, hosiery or socks. We sell mesh laundry bags to increase efficiency and reduce handling of these garments. The mesh bag then has a tag applied to the label for identification.

If you are a care home you will need to order the bulk Motorised Applicator to apply the tags to the resident’s clothing.

If you are a relative of a resident you can apply the tags using the Dolphin applicator to ensure your relative’s clothes are securely labelled and easily identifiable.