About Us

Attach-a-Tag is a new revolutionary way to label clothing, bags and shoes that is quick and simple. Successfully used in care homes and schools Attach-a-Tag labels clothes and other items in seconds.

The Future of Clothing Identification

What is Attach-a-Tag?

Attach-a-Tag is a small button that is etched with the garments owners name and is then attached  to either the inside label or inside seam  of the garment using a simple hand held applicator.  Click here for a demonstration!

When you want to remove the tag simply use the Attach-a-Tag removal tool, remove the tag and re-apply it  to the new item of clothing. 

Attach-a-Tag has been developed using material that will withstand industrial laundry temperatures and is suitable for use in the domestic  and industrial washing  processes as well as dry cleaning. 

Attach-a-Tag has been ergonomically designed so that it is comfortable and barely noticeable to the wearer.  Its design and size replicates a small spare button so it is discrete and not visible to the outside.

Attach-a-Tag saves you time and provides a quick alternative to sew in and iron on labels....and it won’t come off!

How does Attach-a-Tag work?

Step 1 - Place your order by adding required items to your basket. There is a space at Checkout to insert the name(s) required on your Attach-a-Tags.

Step 2 –Attach your tags to the item of clothing Make sure you use you tag positioning guide provided so you know where to place the tags We do not recommend using Attach-a-Tag for underwear, hosiery or socks. (See our Mesh laundry bags for further details.

Step 3 - Use the extra time you would have spend sewing and ironing on labels to sit down and have a well deserved cup of coffee!

Step 4 - To reuse a tag on another garment, remove using the removal tool and reapply the tag to the new garment.The etched Attach-a-tag can be re-used time and time again, but make sure that you use new retainers when reapplying the tag.